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Sale of palm trees Trachycarpus Fortunei

Sale of palm trees Trachycarpus Fortunei

The Trachycarpus Fortunei palm is a palm native to Central and Eastern China, a highly prized species of palm, and its name alludes to Robert Fortune who cultivated it in China and sent seeds to Europe in the mid-XNUMXth century.

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The Trachycarpus Fortunei palm is a palm that adapts to cold climates, a palm with a solitary and thin trunk. The trunks of adult Trachycarpus Fortunei palms are usually eight to twelve inches in diameter and can exceed 12 feet in height. They are palm trees with a stem covered by the sheaths of the already fallen leaves. 

Characteristics of the Trachycarpus Fortunei palm tree

A species of palm tree with great ornamental value, with an emblematic silhouette, the Trachycarpus Fortunei palm tree is a palm tree widely used both in warm coastal areas and in the cold northern United States or northern Europe, a palm tree that is very resistant to cold and snow, in the regions of origin lives even at 2400 meters high.

The Trachycarpus Fortunei palm tree prefers warm coastal areas and resists full sun from a young age, but it is also one of the species of palm trees that best resists cold, it has been found that they have resisted frost. Undoubtedly it is a palm tree that adapts to very different climates and soils, even poor and resistant to drought, the salinity of the soil can kill an adult specimen.

Excellent palm to grow in large pots on patios and terraces, taking into account frost damage to the roots when it exceeds -6ºC.

Sale of adult and large specimens of Trachycarpus Fortunei

We have tall specimens with leafy crowns, for transport we prune half of the leaves and we band the upper section of the trunk with splints to avoid cutting the heart of the palm.

We sell Trachycarpus Fortunei palm trees free of pests and diseases. We export palm trees to the whole world, palm trees with a guarantee of quality and all the care for their transport by sea or road. Request prices for Trachycarpus Fortunei palm trees.


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